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Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA3 days ago
Doctors Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 to all of you and your families. We have some amazing announcements coming up this week 👍 I will give you a hint for one of them: WE ARE CHANGING OUR NAME! Remember if you think BIG and Believe...YOU will. Happy 4th! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA6 days ago
Are you a dentist or a business leader? Dentists will think 2020 has been a terrible year, surround themselves with like minded dentists and focus on negative energy. Business leaders will consider 2020 a great opportunity to learn, pivot, grow and focus on positive energy. Who are you? 🤔🤗
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA7 days ago
Dentists why do we get upset when patients don’t want to pay you full price when you never pay full price as a consumer? Negative energy get rid of it! 🤔🤡
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA1 week ago
Dentists there has been a lot of discussion and confusion about Vertical Dimension of Occlusion from the surgical doctors doing “all on X” cases. It is best to understand it as working from occlusion to bone instead of the other way around. Remember you are dealing with hard tissue and the principles of Golden Proportion will help guide you. You must also “test” the bite to make sure the patient is comfortable for a period of 2-3 months “symptom free”. Use physiologic bite principles and you will find that you will cut a lot less bone to create your inter-arch space for your final prosthesis. Better yet save the natural teeth when you can and keep your patients out of wearing plastic. Here is a current full mouth case in our lovebites lab. Thank you Ray Foster and James Dodge for the photos. Want to learn more? Ask us how! 👍🙏



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