Are you considering hiring a dental business consultant to help you improve your practice? Not sure if it’s right for your practice? Here are seven signs that it’s time to hire a business consultant to help with your dental practice.

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Business Isn’t Growing

One red flag that you might benefit from a business consultant is that your business isn’t growing. Of course, what type of growth you’re looking for at your practice depends on your personal goals. For many people, practice growth might simply mean bringing in more patients. This isn’t always as easy as it seems. Dental schools often neglect the business side of the practice, so many dentists don’t understand marketing and lead acquisition. If you can’t crack the secret of growth for your practice, it’s time to bring in a consultant.

You Can’t Attract Different Patients

Another type of business growth is expanding your practice into a new type of dentistry. Maybe you’ve taken courses on orthodontics and want to bring in some cases. Perhaps you want to start marketing yourself as a cosmetic dentist. Maybe you want to do more dental implant cases. For many dentists, learning the necessary skills to do a procedure is a lot easier than bringing in patients who want the procedure. If you’ve tried to attract different types of patients with different types of cases, but it isn’t working, it’s time to hire a dental practice consultant.

Margins Are Low

Sometimes, it seems like everything should be successful. You have plenty of patients. You’re attracting high-value cases. You’re doing the type of dentistry you want to do. But when you look at the bottom line, you’re suffering. Maybe you’re not making as much as you want. Maybe you’re actually losing money. Doing dental procedures don’t necessarily ensure a profit, and if your practice has a high gross but a very low net, consider hiring a dental business consultant to help you streamline your practice and maximize your profitability.

You Never Have Enough Time

Do you constantly feel that you’re swamped at the office? Between handling patients and handling the business side of the practice, it can seem like there’s just so much that you have to do. And that takes time. More time than you have to spend, especially if you want to have personal and/or family time. A dental business consultant can show you many strategies for getting more time in your day, such as being more efficient and successfully delegating work. Employing strategic tools like business partnerships can lead to a more satisfying and more profitable dental office.

There’s Frustration or Tension at the Office

Another big warning sign is that frustration and tension is growing at the dental office. Maybe you’re the source of the tension, or maybe there are melodramatic actors at the practice that start or amplify tensions. Other times, people don’t know what they’re supposed to do, and that makes people frustrated. Managing people is another skill that isn’t well taught at dental school, but is critical to success. If you are having trouble with keeping people satisfied and productive at the office, a dental business consultant can help.

You Don’t Love It Anymore

Presumably, you went into dentistry thinking it would be a satisfying career in one way or another. But if you’re not feeling the way you want to feel at your dental practice, maybe it’s time to reconsider. A dental business consultant can help you take a long, hard look at yourself and your practice. They can help you figure out how to turn the dental practice into something you’ll love. Or maybe it’s time to give it up and find something else.

You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

Another great time to bring in a dental business consultant is if you can’t figure out the goals for your dental practice. Understand, your business doesn’t have to be constantly changing or growing to be satisfying. But if you’re not happy with the lack of change or growth, and you don’t know where you want to be that would make you happy, you need help. A consultant can help you evaluate your feelings and define goals that can help you get to the place where you want to be.

Do You Need a Dental Business Consultant?

If you’ve found your situation on this list, it’s time to talk to a dental business consultant. Please call (858) 349-7996 today for an appointment with Dr. Shahin Safarian at 7 Figure Dental Practice and get the help you need to transform your practice and your life.