The global coronavirus pandemic is causing major stress in businesses around the world. But one of the hardest-hit businesses is dentistry, where we are being asked to shut down for an indeterminate amount of time, providing only emergency dental care, which typically only forms a small portion of a practice’s normal patient base. This is a major crisis for your practice, and one that will show the strength of your leadership. 

Hopefully, this is a storm that you’ve prepared yourself to weather. However, we know that many dentists are finding this storm difficult, if not impossible, to deal with, and they need help.

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How Effective Leaders Respond in a Crisis

Ideally, you are responding to the crisis in an effective way. We’ve already talked about how to respond to this and other emergencies, and even how to position your practice for coming out of the crisis stronger than ever

As an effective leader, you hopefully developed a rapid, concerted response to the crisis. Hopefully, you were able to communicate this plan with your team so that they all knew what was being done. The plan should have inspired confidence in your team so that they knew you had things under control. And as part of communicating the plan, you should have managed expectations–people need to know that things are going to be OK, but they also need to understand that they aren’t necessarily going to be perfect. 

Perhaps most importantly, you have demonstrated your flexibility as the crisis has evolved. Responding to changing conditions without losing control will make your team confident that you can handle future challenges just as well as those that have passed.

Signs Your Leadership Isn’t Winning

We hope that even though the situation is tough, your leadership has proven more than capable of dealing with the challenges. Perhaps you have confidence that it has. But how do you know? 

If your leadership has been effective, you will notice that your team may be stressed, but they can still focus and function even in these trying times. They should have courtesy and respect for one another, and take challenges like new duties, reduced hours, and pay cuts in stride. Think this is mostly to their credit and not yours? Choosing the right people for your team is a sign of good leadership, so acknowledge yourself here. 

On the other hand, you might see signs of leadership failings. Do you notice that your team is so worried about the situation that they can’t focus on their work? Are they hostile to each other, you, and/or patients? Do they gripe, complain, or rebel whenever the situation changes? Have they started chatting secretly more than in the past? Do you feel like they have concerns they don’t feel comfortable sharing with you?

If you see these signs, you might need to revisit your leadership strategies. Fortunately, it’s not too late to turn things around. You can assert control over the situation and regain the confidence of your team. 

Do You Need Help with Leadership Challenges?

If you find that the current situation is too much for your leadership skills, it might be time to enlist some help. Right now, Dr. Shahin Safarian is offering virtual consultations that can help you identify your strengths and where you might be able to improve. He can teach you to improve your crisis response and how to regain your team’s confidence. Achieving and maintaining the 7 Figure Practice depends on strong leadership skills, especially in a crisis. 

Please call or text Dr. Safarian today at (858) 349-7996 to get help managing your practice through the crisis.