Was King Midas successful? Everything he touched literally turned to gold, but he was alone and miserable until he died. Why does this matter to us? It matters because you need to understand that it’s possible to be “successful” on paper and yet not be satisfied. Dr. Safarian offers a different kind of dental practice consulting–he doesn’t want to give you cookie-cutter success. He wants you to find a definition of success that lets you live a life without regrets. And then he helps you achieve that success with practical guidance through monthly and weekly consultations on specific challenges. 

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Many dental practice consultants want to come into your practice and change your systems. They will teach you ways to do dentistry, different marketing techniques or patient management skills.

These are all well and good, and by the time they finish with your practice, it might be humming along like a well-oiled machine. But machines can get broken. And if they don’t work with you to change how you operate as a dentist, you will break that finely tuned machine.

But when someone works with you, you gain the tools to build your own machine. It might be different from everyone else’s, but it will work as well–or better. And it will be perfect for you because it’s yours.


I implemented one of his suggestions in the 1st day and saw instant results! I look forward to continuing improvements in all around efficiency.

Erich Herber, DDS, Owner, Erich W. Herber, D.D.S General And Cosmetic Dentistry, Temecula, CA

Third time is a charm!  Dr. Safarian is the third consultant we’ve had and he’s by far the best!  He brings both great business acumen and exceptional clinical expertise to our practice.  As a non-dentist owner, I find his input to be invaluable in running our growing, $2.5 million practice.  I have never had someone so energetic and eager to follow up with us as much as it takes to ensure our success.
Thanks Dr. Safarian!

Brandon J. Quijada, CEO, Co-Founder; Smile for Life Dentistry; Phoenix, AZ

For me, taking advice from somebody who is a dentist, who does all these complex cases, who is amazing at business, pretty much that was everything in one… Shahin is one of those people who really cares. He puts all his heart into what he does, and I really, really like his attitude!

Dagmara Ventresca, DDS; West Lafayette Dental Studio; West Lafayette, IN

Here’s a guy who says the things that I’m thinking in my mind and gives it affirmation, which tells me that with this guy, we can actually succeed… We went from mediocre, barely being able to pay ourselves from this business, to now for the last two months, [this practice is] our primary income.

Moses Sandel, DDS

I highly recommend Dr. Safarian’s 7 Figure program, but most of all, to get to know him. He’s an amazing mentor, a great friend, and an amazing human being.

Maria Escoto, DDS; Sobe Dentist; Miami Beach, FL

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Dentistry without Regrets

Dr. Safarian believes strongly that dental practice consulting should be 1-on-1 between himself and you, the dentist. You are the key to success in  your dental practice. If the leadership is right, the rest will follow. He doesn’t need to meet with your hygienist, your patient coordinator, your assistants–he gives you the power to do that meeting or those meetings yourself and achieve the outcomes you want. 

An essential part of this intimate meeting is taking the time for you to be honest with yourself and with him. Until we can be 100% honest with ourselves, we cannot achieve true success. Once you honestly understand what you want from your dental practice, you can define a goal and determine the steps to achieve that goal. Then Dr. Safarian will hold you accountable for taking those steps, and teach you how to hold yourself accountable. And once you learn that, nothing can stop you from achieving your own vision of success. 

That way, when you look back on your career, you will have no regrets–you will have satisfaction.

Practical Solutions to Immediate Problems

The ultimate goal of Dr. Safarian’s dental practice consulting is to help you gain a clear vision and achieve long-term success. But he understands that until you have vision, it’s hard to see past the immediate problems facing you. 

That’s why he also offers focused consulting to help you attack and overcome any immediate problem your practice may be facing. He can help you:

  • Launch a New Practice: Employing best practices to begin and manage new practices, including best practices in financial management, supplier management, staffing and marketing.
  • Improve Customer Acquisition: Improve customer engagement and increase the pool of potential clients by employing analytical marketing methods and proven client acquisition systems.
  • Process Improvement: Reexamine your practice to ensure your operation is at a top level financially and clinically. Designed to help meet your professional goals and provide the insight needed to jump-start your practice.
  • Improve Financial Performance: Drive improved financial performance through time management, supplier management, and developing business with each patient.
  • Practice Acquisitions, Sales, Transitions: Manage major practice transitions like opening a new practice, expanding operations, or changes in partnerships or ownership.

Dr. Safarian has helped many dentists navigate the troubled waters around these major changes in your dental practice. With detailed guidance, he can help you avoid the problems that have sunk many a dentist before, so you can enjoy smooth sailing despite the challenges. 

Many dentists begin by asking Dr. Safarian for guidance on a specific problem, then end up staying with him because of the quality of his guidance. 

Professional Mentorship

Would you like to have a professional mentor you no matter what stage in your dentistry career you’re at? Whether you’re finishing up school, starting your practice, or want to restrategize your current business model, Dr. Safarian is here to lend his expertise with one-on-one consulting. Save yourself the time and energy of teaching yourself the business side of dentistry, and learn what it takes from an experienced dentist who’s been in your exact shoes.

With Dr. Safarian’s skills and expertise, he’s happy to offer you advice through all your business decisions. He also understands that not everyone needs the same amount of help which is why he offers several different mentorship programs. Whether you want to spend one hour a month, two hours a month, or several hours per month with one-on-one mentoring with Dr. Safarian, we have an affordable option for you.

If you’re ready to reignite your passion for dentistry and improve your business, reserve a spot with Dr. Safarian today. Limited spots are available so sign up soon.


Dr. Safarian Can Help

Dr. Safarian is prepared to help you achieve your practice goals because he’s been where you are now. He started a practice from scratch, and he struggled and fought to make it all that he knew it could be. Now he is one of the fastest rising stars in dentistry, looking to change the industry through his lectures, his videos, and, especially, through his 1-on-1 consulting. 

If you want to learn how to apply the lessons that took Dr. Safarian from a struggling dentist to the successful head of two dental clinics in one of the toughest markets in the country, please contact him today to schedule your consultation.