Cosmetic Dentistry webinar with Dr. John Garza and Ray Foster

Case selection and risk management – November 8th 2019 – 9 a.m. Pacific Time

  • The goal with this program is to make it as practical as possible and make the doctors feel that they can use the information and use it in their practices the next day.
  • We will discuss the following topics in this webinar: patient selection and risk management.
  • Dr. John Garza will teach on what to look for when selecting patients that are going to be your ideal candidates for cosmetic procedures. He will also go over what pitfalls to avoid in this earliest, and possibly most crucial, part of the process.
  • Ray Foster will provide his expertise from the lab perspective on what indicators to look for to make sure your next cosmetic case is going to be a home run for the dentist, the patient, and the lab.

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Dr. John Garza
Dr. John Garza is a dental innovator in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He strives to always be at the leading edge of dental trends. He developed an optimal crown/bridge removal tool that maximises patient comfort and material preservation while minimizing patient time in the dental chair. His commitment to leading dental trends also led to his office being the launching point for Thommen Implants in the Southwest US.
Las Vegas Esthetics Dental Laboratory
Founded in 1997 by Ray Foster, Las Vegas Esthetics has become one of the premier dental laboratories in the world. Having been one of a select few laboratories chosen to participate at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) and being able to study at Occlusion Connections has given Las Vegas Esthetics the opportunity to learn from the best in the Dental field, enabling them to become leaders in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry.
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