As the dentist, you are responsible for your own success, but that doesn’t mean you need to go it alone. Getting the right help can make it a lot easier to achieve and maintain a 7-Figure Dental Practice. Part of the help can come from properly delegating tasks within your dental practice, but strategic partnerships can also give you the tools you need to achieve all the goals for your practice. Finding the right ones for you depends on the biggest concerns affecting your practice.

A unified group of people working together, finding the right partners to complete their team

Not Getting Enough Patients?

One of the biggest concerns that many dentists have is bringing in a steady flow of patients so their practice can grow. This isn’t always easy, but fortunately there are many strategic partners who can help improve your patient acquisition.

Pro Impressions Marketing Group

When looking for a dentist, most people will go to the internet. Pro Impressions Marketing Group can help you get a website that will attract people to your practice. A good website even captures people asking Dr. Google for advice.


Once your website or other marketing gets people to call, you want to make sure you capture these potential patients. CallTrackerROI helps you do this by monitoring your calls and tracking them back to their source. Learning why people called can help you get more people to call. Plus CallTrackerROI helps you monitor how well you’re handling those incoming calls so you can improve your patient acquisition.

Ace Chat

But what about patients who don’t want to call (an increasingly large portion of the potential patient population)? With Ace Chat, your site visitors have general questions answered and obtain confidential, empathetic service right from your website – just as they would in your office.

Having Trouble Managing the Patients You Have?

If you don’t have many patients, it’s okay to be inefficient in scheduling and other parts of patient management. Wasted time reduces your profit margin, but maybe your profits have never been good enough that you notice much. However, once your practice starts to grow, you need to become more efficient or else you’ll lose the patients you worked so hard to acquire. Fortunately, strategic partners can help with patient management.

Golden Goose Scheduling

Golden Goose helps you make chair time for all the patients visiting your practice. This scheduling tool integrates well with CallTrackerROI, making it easy to start patients off on the right foot. A seamless new patient experience can dramatically reduce patient turnover.


Over the years that patients stay in your practice, they will need a lot of care, and helping them get the care they need improves your revenue from those patients. Legwork helps you set up patient reminders and encourage patients to get all the necessary care. It also helps you analyze patient experience to make it better, creating loyal patients that can help you acquire new patients.

Ready to Choose Partners?

If you are ready to go after that 7 Figure Dental Practice, it might be time to add some partners that can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Contact us by calling (858) 349-7996 today to sign up for strategic partners’ services to start growing your business.