One of the critical insights that Dr. Shahin Safarian reveals through his 7-Figure Dental Practice approach is that you should either love dentistry or leave it. There are many ways to make sure you love dentistry. You might rediscover your passion or your purpose, or curate your patients so you’re only dealing with the types of cases you truly enjoy. But no matter how you do it, learning to love dentistry again will do wonders for your dental practice. How? Here are five ways that loving dentistry makes you a better dentist. 

Two female dentists laughing with a bouquet of flowers in their office. It's important to love dentistry since it will make you a better dentist!

Put Patients at Ease

It’s no secret that most people have some level of dental anxiety. And what do you think happens to that anxiety when a dentist enters the room who is frustrated, irritated, or angry to be there? That’s right: it goes through the roof!

But when a dentist enters the room who is genuinely looking forward to the experience, patients’ anxiety goes down. And when a dentist can communicate why they’re excited to be there, patients also begin to focus on that excitement and their anxiety fades. 

Attract and Retain Better Staff

People don’t want to be in a toxic environment that is full of anger and resentment. Instead, they want to work someplace that is positive and affirming. If they have the power to choose, they’re going to choose that environment. 

And who has the most freedom to choose their work situation? The staff that has the most job mobility in terms of better skills, better training, and better connections. If you create a positive work environment through your own love of dentistry, you are more likely to attract and retain these people. If you create a negative work environment, then you’re more likely to be stuck with the people who stay with you because they can’t go anywhere else. In other words, the people with the least talent and the lowest training.

Improve Case Acceptance

Remember what we said above about getting patients excited about dentistry? That’s a great starting place for increasing case acceptance. No matter how smooth you think you are, patients have a good sense for identifying your motivation for pitching a particular case. If your motivation is mostly money, they are going to see that, and they will be reluctant to agree to your treatment proposal. 

On the other hand, if you’re excited to do the dentistry because it’s the best dentistry you can deliver and will give the best results to patients, they will sense that, too. And they’ll respond to it with a higher rate of case acceptance. You’re never going to get 100% acceptance, but  you’ll notice the difference. 

More CE

Your attitude toward dentistry is going to directly influence how much continuing education you take. If you hate dentistry and don’t want to spend any more time doing it than absolutely necessary, you’ll only do the minimum continuing education necessary to maintain your license. 

This, along with helping patients through your normal practice, will keep you from becoming a worse dentist, but it’s not a good way to become better. 

If you love dentistry, you’re more likely to seek out more CE opportunities, learn new skills, and become a better dentist. Not only that, but your passion will likely lead you to certain disciplines within dentistry. You’ll define a focus area for yourself, which will help you redefine your practice and bring in more of those cases that you not only love, but that you’re better at as well. 

Innovative Studies

While CE is a good way to learn new things about dentistry, it does have limitations. You can only learn what someone is able to teach. 

But a dentist who truly loves the discipline may go beyond simple classroom learning to seek innovative approaches to dentistry. These are the dentists who create new techniques and new solutions to old problems. These are the dentists who become tomorrow’s leaders and trendsetters–the ones who shape the future of the discipline.

Dentistry: Love It or Leave It

Many dentists are at the point in their career where they can’t imagine ever coming to love dentistry again. This is one of Dr. Safarian’s strengths–he can help you design an approach to dentistry that capitalizes on your passion, purpose, and commitment so that you can love it once again. 

Or maybe you can’t love it, and it’s time to move on to your life’s next grand adventure. Either option is good. 

To discover which option is better for you, please call (858) 349-7996 today for consultation with Dr. Safarian.