So doing a tax-time assessment showed you that your dental business is in trouble. Maybe you’re doing okay, but you’re not making as much as you would like. Or maybe you’re unhappy with the type of work you’re doing and would like to transition to a more satisfying type of dentistry. 

Maybe you even see the signs that you should hire a dental consultant. But perhaps you’re not ready to invest the money for a dental consultant. What can you do instead? Here are five low-cost alternatives that you can try instead. 

However, none of them will give you the true benefits of hiring a consultant.

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Certainly, if you haven’t taken the time to think about possible solutions, you should do it. This is the cheapest and easiest possible solution to your problem. 

However, it’s also the most limited. Ideally, you’re already following what you think are the best practices for a dental business. If you knew a better way, you’d be doing that, instead. But it’s at least worth a try, taking some time to think of better alternatives that might help you achieve your goals for your dental business. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but most likely you won’t come up with any particularly new ideas.

Consult with Google

But if you can’t think of a solution, maybe you should poll the collective wisdom on the Internet. The benefit of this is, again, it’s cheap, and you might be able to get answers quickly. 

Unfortunately, this rarely works out as well as you’d like. First of all, there is just as much bad advice on the Internet as good, and you won’t necessarily know what you’ve got until you’ve tried it and seen the results. Another problem is that while you might find an answer quickly, you might also spend hours looking fruitlessly for a solution. 

Buy a Book

But if your problem is real, it deserves at least some investment. The lowest level of investment is buying a book on the problem. The upside of a book is that you have some reason to believe that the author has some authority–you can verify this before buying–and this means that the solutions are likely tested. Books can also give detailed in-depth information, allowing you to make a deep-dive into your problem and potential solutions. 

Speaking of books that offer tested solutions, Dr. Shahin Safarian has several books that share some of his best insights into the way a dental business should function. Check out the books for sale here

Books are limited, however, because they aren’t customized to your problems. While they may have detailed information, it might not be relevant to your problem, and therefore might not be the solution to your problem. 

Video Modules

Another possible investment is in video modules. Video modules are better than books if you are more of a visual learner. Modules come in many sizes, from targeted solutions to more general overviews.

Dr. Safarian also has a number of video modules that break down some of the crucial issues you face as the owner of a dental business. 

On the other hand, video modules aren’t always as detailed as you might like. And while you might track down modules that are on the topic of your problem, they’re not customized to your business any more than books are. They might not focus on your particular needs. 


Webinars are similar to video modules, but they are recorded live, often with a guest and with an audience. Pre-recorded webinars are essentially video modules, but if you sign up for a live webinar, you will have the additional benefit of being able to join live and ask specific questions. 

Check out some of Dr. Safarian’s past and upcoming webinars

Webinars are closer to getting specific consultation, but they’re still limited. While you have an opportunity to ask specific questions, the time is often limited, and you can’t give too much detail about your issues and your business. The answers are helpful, but limited. 

There Is No Match for Consultation

While you can try any or all of the solutions above, the truth is that there is no alternative to hiring a dental consultant to help you conquer the challenges facing your business. Whether you’re looking to make more money or transition your dental business to a more rewarding type of dentistry, consultation is the best solution for you. 

If you are ready to hire a dental consultant for your business, call (858) 349-7996 to talk to Dr. Safarian at 7 Figure Dental today.