Mentorship is often overlooked in business, and as owners of our own business we often we think we can “do it all on our own.” We are independent, freethinkers with a large vision and an ambition to grow our dental practices (no mean feat!). It is impossible to grow and expand our businesses without outside help. Sometimes it is a good idea, a beneficial move to bring onboard a mentor.

Behind every successful empire, there is a well-oiled team that helps bring your vision to life.
What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is when a more experienced person gives guidance, support and relays their knowledge and help, to the mentee. Many people, especially within the business industry have mentors, to enable to bring them to another level of expertise or impact. This can apply to all areas of industry, not just business or the dental industry.


Do you have a mentor in your business to help push you forward?

Sometimes we get to a place in our business, where we need further guidance, support, and advice. We need someone to help us revisit our wider vision, goals and to plan from that point.

What will you gain from having a mentor in your professional life?

Having a mentor can provide accountability for your professional goals and overall vision. It can also bring fresh eyes and perspective on the way that your business is currently running, helping you to refresh and inject some life and momentum. Sometimes having someone else have a look at the way you currently do things while giving their sage advice can help turn things around.

Where can we find it?

The best way to find a good mentor is to look within your network of colleagues and friends. Look for someone with a right amount of experience and expertise within your field, as well as the credibility and good standing to be able to give you advice. Notably, it is essential to find someone you trust, who you look up to, and who has the relevant credibility and experience.



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