Our Vision is Very Clear

Our vision is very clear – with a little assistance from us, we see your dental business being a BIG success!
Whether you are new to dentistry and considering opening a practice, or established and would like some expert advice, we’re here to help. From practical and proven programs that were precisely designed with today’s modern dentist in mind, to enlightening evaluations and comprehensive consultations, we have the information you’ll need to succeed in today’s super-competitive and constantly changing industry.

My name is Dr. Shahin Safarian, and I am the proud  owner of 2 productive dental practices in the San Diego area. As you may have already discovered, operating 1 dental practice can be a bit of a challenge in itself, but as you will clearly see when you contact me, it doesn’t really have to be that difficult! Especially, when equipped with the essential tips and effective tools that are contained in our enlightening courses and comprehensive consultations. In fact, you may find that we’re the only company of our kind, as we work exclusively with fellow dentists.

Though we undergo an intensive and extensive education in order to become dentists, we were primarily taught how to take care of teeth. Obviously this was necessary, but there is another vital skill that many dentists will need yet they unfortunately don’t learn in school, and that is how to efficiently manage their business! This is no slight oversight; seeing as though many dental students may want to operate their own practice someday, and business is something you must know in order to successfully do so.

In fact, after all my experience, I’ve grown to believe that in the real world, what we actually do is 90% business and 10% dentistry.

There are different departments within a dental business, so between seeing patients and running the practice, the daily routine can become irritating and/or overwhelming. When this happens, things can begin to pile-up and go from bad to worse quite quickly. Luckily, after a close look at your work environment, I can reliably recommend what’s required for repair and where to begin. The key is to pick a particularly messy ‘area’ that needs attention, address it, then move on to the next. That way you’ll effectively be dealing with one issue at a time!

Here is a shortlist with ways we’re able to assist:

  • Practical Consulting Programs
    Gain essential insight along with effective advice on the different departments of a dental business including finances, insurance, protection, liability and disability. Many dentists are in the dark on these areas, which we’ll surely shed some light on.
  • Priceless Educational Programs
    Dentists who operate their own practice MUST have proper business training to survive and thrive! Our convenient online programs are filled with invaluable information that was not conveyed during your formal education.
  • Modern Marketing Solutions
    From starting a dental business, to maintaining and building one, EVERY practice needs to be properly promoted in order to attract new patients. An appealing online presence is also necessary, and we can capably assist with that as well.

We sincerely believe that every single caring and competent dentist deserves to be successful at this challenging career they have chosen. And with our help, you will have a much better chance of achieving your goals, and we can even assist in setting them. So whenever you’re ready, please contact me for a complimentary consultation and I’ll be happy to help you move forward. Remember, there are certain abilities you NEED to succeed at being a dentist nowadays, and managing a business is definitely one of them!