Virtual Study Club Webinar with David and Kenneth from ApexChat

Patient Relations and Leads for Dental Practices

  • Increased website engagement: Connect with website visitors that can’t talk on the phone
  • Fully Customizable, Mobile Optimized 24/7 Live Chat Coverage
  • You Don’t Need to Hire Live Chat Agents: Pay For Performance Pricing
  • Get 40%+ more leads from your website
  • SMS Text-to-Chat

About David Scheppler and Kenneth Lee from ApexChat




David Scheppler – Sr. Live Chat Product Specialist with over 5 years of industry experience. He’s an expert on ApexChat’s live chat product offering.

Kenneth Lee is a growth marketer with over 8 years of digital marketing experience. He has spent the last 3 years tracking consumer behavior and engagement online.

We are industry leaders: ApexChat is proud to be the leading provider of live chat. We offer live chat software and chat agents that help online businesses turn valuable advertising clicks into customers. Most important, we let you chat with customers and give them real-time support, so you win twice: satisfying web visitors faster and turning them into a potential client for your business.

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