With the ADA recommendation that dentists offer only emergency dental care during the coronavirus pandemic, many dentists are (understandably) concerned about the future of their practice. 

Hopefully, your practice is prepared to weather this crisis. If so, then there may be tough times for the next few weeks, but your practice can be prepared to explode with new business after this crisis. Here are some ways to position yourself to maximize gains from this situation. 

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Offer Emergency Care (If You Can)

Although not all of your current patients will need emergency care during the lockdown, some will. It will be better if you can provide that care for them, rather than referring them to another dentist. This helps you maintain the positive relationships you’ve built with your patients. 

It could also bring in new business. With many dental offices closed or having reduced hours, there are going to be some people who need emergency dental care but can’t get to their regular dentist. If you can help them, giving them a good dental experience and great results, they might decide to make you their regular dentist or seek you out for cosmetic dentistry when they’re ready. 

Offer Virtual Consultations

Hopefully, your practice has been offering virtual consultations for a while now. If so, continue to offer them. This helps keep your sales funnel active, and it can ensure your appointment book will be packed when the lockdown lifts. 

Of course, expect a lower conversion rate on virtual consults during this time. Some people will be doing this idly to pass time with not much intention of following through. 

Otherwise, Do What You Can

If you don’t feel qualified or inclined to offer emergency dental care, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to help your practice. There are still some things you can do, such as donating supplies, especially personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who may need it. You don’t have to make a big deal about it, but you should at least mention it on your social media. If it makes you uncomfortable, don’t think of it as self-promotion, think of it as good-promotion: you’re promoting good deeds to inspire others to do what they can. 

Speaking of social media, you should keep up your social media presence. Funny and inspirational posts will help everyone. In addition, you can make your account a source for vetted, reasoned information about coronavirus and COVID-19. 

Take Virtual Courses

And, if you’re not in the office, you should be using this time productively to improve your revenue stream following the lockdown. 

Take some virtual courses to expand your dental repertoire and be able to offer more different types of procedures following the lockdown. For some procedures, you may still need to attend workshops before you offer the new procedures, but for some, such as more business-oriented material, you can get the benefit right away.

Dr. Shahin Safarian, for example, has extensive modules, books, and other materials available that can help you make the most of your downtime. 

Remote Consultation Is Available

If you are stressed about your dental practice and want help navigating these difficult times, Dr. Safarian is offering remote consulting services. Please call (858) 349-7996 today to learn how he can help you achieve the 7 Figure Dental Practice.