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Module #3 – Business Leadership and Management

Module #3 – Business Leadership and Management


In the 3rd Module of my Business Training Program for Dentists, I explore the extreme importance of leadership and management in your business. Although most dentists are highly skilled individuals, unfortunately many are often lacking the management abilities that it takes to be a great leader. Consequently, this can have a detrimental effect on the health of your practice. That’s why I’ll expose the main factors you should focus on for properly leading and managing.

All of these Modules contain useful information, but this is one you definitely DO NOT want to miss!

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In Module 3 we will closely examine some key elements of effective management for your dental practice. In addition, you’ll learn all about the necessity of being a likable leader. Basically, it’s filled with beneficial info on improving your office environment, which will enhance everyone’s experience, and thereby boost your business!

Some of the main elements I’ll examine in this Module:

  • Creating a Healthy and Happy Environment for Employees and Patients
  • The Importance of Always Being Punctual AND Positive
  • Consistent Communication with Your Team and Patients

We’ll explore how to ultimately create a better ‘buying’ environment for your patients. After all, we are providing a service, and there are several details to consider when doing so. From the initial phone call, to the form they fill-out, to the cleanliness of your office, it’s the combination of these things (among others) that determines a patient’s overall comfort level. That is why I will educate you on how to ensure every process at your practice flows fluently.

Your office should be an inviting place that is as pain-free as possible for everybody there, including you! Never forget, dentistry is a service industry, so you must offer an exceptional experience in order for patients to return and/or recommend you. When you’re managing things correctly, this WILL inevitably happen. It begins with you being on time (all the time) and wearing a smile, but there is more to it than that, which I’ll share in this Module.

I’ll convey how critical it is to communicate clearly with everybody at your dental practice. This rule / requirement applies to both your team and your patients. When you’re consistent with communicating in a caring manner, the staff actually becomes more capable, while patients get more comfortable!

You’ll also discover the absolute necessity of having a dependable ‘system’ in place for practically every detail that’s involved with your dental practice. For instance, does your team know exactly what to do while you’re not there? What about if something out of the ordinary occurs? Making sure your people are prepared to handle any situation in a professional manner is a precaution you must take.

In short, protocol can prevent all kinds of problems, and I’ll provide advice on implementing your own system that works.

Remember, proper management is mandatory, especially in dentistry. Module 3 will help you become the leader you NEED to be in order to operate your business successfully. Moreover, my entire Blueprint will provide you with a precise and easy to follow process for running your dental practice!