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Module #4 – Marketing Your Business

Module #4 – Marketing Your Business


The 4th Module of my dynamic 7 Figure Dental Practice – Business Training Program is all about marketing for your business. The game has certainly changed over the past decade when it comes to properly promoting your dental practice, and it’s mainly due to the digital age. So, in this presentation, I’ll show you how to modernize your marketing and effectively engage potential patients!

When you own a business, regardless of what kind, the point is to get the word out about it, so people can find you and ideally become a customer. Nowadays, nearly every consumer owns a computer and/or uses the Internet in one way or another. That’s why it’s highly important to have an online presence for your practice, because an increasing number of people are now looking there for a new dentist.

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Marketing is one of the most important aspects of your dental practice, and I cannot stress this enough. Even if you are the world’s most skillful dentist, what good does that do if nobody knows about you? That’s why marketing should be considered mandatory, as it IS the main way to connect with new patients and communicate with the ones you already have.

In order to survive in this industry, you must have a steady flow of happy patients. To be able to thrive, you must continuously acquire new prospects, and that will require getting optimal results from your marketing. However, to do that, you must consistently reevaluate and persistently rejuvenate your marketing efforts. And this Module will help you in that department!

You’ll Learn A Lot In Module 4, Including the Importance of:

  • Having an ‘Active’ and Mobile Optimized Website
  • SEO, Social Media, PPC, and Email Marketing
  • Persistency AND Consistency in Marketing

Nowadays, having a website for your dental practice is an absolute necessity! Perhaps you could’ve gotten away with not having one 10 years ago, but that is no longer the case. Consider it a potential patient’s first impression. In fact, if you don’t presently have a positive online presence, you need to focus on and promptly fix that.

If you’re not yet familiar with terms like SEO (search engine optimization) and Google analytics, and PPC (pay-per-click) then you really need to get with it. Don’t be intimidated – digital marketing isn’t that difficult! You’ll simply have to learn a few new things, which I’m here to assist with.

Computer algorithms change periodically, that basically means your website must frequently have fresh content to remain relevant in the eyes of online search engines. This could involve a blog for example, where you share articles and/or other engaging information. In addition, you have to pay attention to online reviews and ratings, which can literally make or break your dental business.

Marketing means getting the phone to ring. And in order for that to happen on a regular basis, your efforts must be both persistent and consistent. Tracking your marketing is not enough, as you must also regularly review and understand it. After several years of trial and error, I know what works, and I will share my marketing knowledge with you.

Remember, you’re not JUST a dentist; you’re also a business owner! And that means you have to work as much ON your business as you do IN it. I essentially made these Modules for dentists who are searching for that extra ‘something’ that will help ensure their success. SO, let me help you turn your business around!