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Module #5 – Private Group Practice

Module #5 – Private Group Practice


If you’re looking for expert direction on expanding your dental practice and taking things to the next level, then this Module was made precisely for you! It’s all about building a Private Group Practice, which basically has the potential to generate all sorts of new and exciting opportunities. Most importantly, it can create stability and longevity in an ever-changing industry.

In Module 5, I will tell you exactly why starting a Private Group Practice may very well be the best move you could ever make when it comes to your dental career. Plus, I’ll also explain how to properly do it and offer invaluable insight that only an experienced dentist like myself can truly provide.

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Welcome to Module 5 of my 7 Figure Dental Practice – Business Training Program!

In this pivotal presentation that’s packed with useful information, we’ll focus on GROWTH and the nearly unlimited possibilities for building your business to be bigger and better. The market is constantly changing, and in order to remain relevant and ultimately retire comfortably one day, you need to regularly reanalyze your vision as a dentist.

Producing more within a dental practice doesn’t necessarily have to mean working harder or putting in even more hours than you already do. In fact, you’ll find that when carried out correctly with my advice, work stress will decrease while you watch your annual income increase. Now wouldn’t THAT be nice?

Here’s a little bit of what you’ll be learning about in Module 5:

  • What a Private Group Practice is and Why it’s a Practical Move
  • The Basics of a Beginning a Private Group Dental Business
  • Locating and Working with Specialists

Having a team of reliable specialists working for your practice can be remarkably powerful. It means you’ll no longer have to refer patients elsewhere, because pretty much any procedure can be done right in your own office. Not only will you be able to better accommodate people with wide-ranging services, but you’ll also be making more money! How cool is that? And I’ll reveal the best way to locate and communicate with doctors who you can hire to happily work for you. If you’re reading this, it most likely means that you want to make more out of your dental career. Whether you are stuck in the same old routine and/or are simply wondering what can be done to be more successful, I believe you’ve come to the right place. I decided to create these Modules to educate and motivate dentists everywhere.

Keep in mind that everybody needs our professional services at some point, therefore there is certainly more than enough business for all of us dentists. Unfortunately, nowadays, it can often be difficult to find new patients, and you must revise your strategy for the sake of survival and longevity. Our industry has undergone big changes due to the digital age, and you have to keep up to stay open for business.

So, if you’re finally ready to grow your dental practice, or are planning on doing it eventually, this Module will prove to be very helpful. Even if you are presently unsure of the next move you’d like to make, this will surely give you some much-needed direction. Once you do decide to utilize my Modules, you definitely will not be disappointed, as you will finally have a blueprint for success in dentistry!