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Module #6 – Leadership and Attitude

Module #6 – Leadership and Attitude


In this more “personal” Module, you’ll learn about being a powerful leader and having a positive attitude at your dental practice, which will hopefully help you in other areas of life as well.

You must be passionate about your profession, and this is especially true for dentists. Otherwise, your discontent will be on display by the way you act at the office everyday. In order to make it in any industry, you must genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. Therefore, this Module was made to get you in the right mindset and boost your motivation!

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You play a very important role at your dental practice, whether you’re a sole owner or partner. Therefore, you must act like a capable leader if you want to have a prosperous practice. In addition, portraying a positive attitude when interacting with patients and your team is of the utmost importance when running an office.

Dentistry is definitely a tough profession that you must have a passion for in order to truly succeed. If you don’t have passion for something, how can you possibly stay motivated? You must also keep an open mind and maintain a positive attitude, not only because you’re in-charge, but because everything goes more smoothly when you’ve got a good attitude!

In this Module I’ll offer insight on the following and more:

  • Problem Solving in Your Dental Practice
  • Persistently Staying Positive
  • Maintaining Motivation

When operating a dental practice, you will inevitably encounter problems from time to time. They can include all kinds of things, from staff issues, to unhappy patients, to equipment malfunctions, and more. Seeing as though you’re the leader, it’s up to you to solve these problems! So, I will reveal some tips that’ll help you deal with them.

Don’t forget, the glass is half-full! Remaining positive may not always be an easy thing to do, but it’s essential for success in any industry. Another attribute you must master is having patience in every area of your practice. Look at it this way, zero patience means zero patients! And I’ll talk more about that as well.
Maintaining a dental practice means you MUST stay motivated! Even if things aren’t going your way on a particular day, you’ve still got a business to properly run. That’s why you have to constantly be professional and leave everything else outside when you get to work. That way, you’ll be able to concentrate on being the leader you are supposed to be, which ultimately leads to more productivity.

I made these modules with the main goal of helping fellow dentists get over some of the hurdles that we typically encounter. So, whenever you’re ready, watch this Module with an open-mind and then simply apply what you learn. You’ll find that life will dramatically improve when you adjust your attitude and become a better leader. And after watching all 7 of my Modules, you’ll undoubtedly be better prepared to run a happy and healthy dental practice!