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Module #7 – The Patient Attraction Formula

Module #7 – The Patient Attraction Formula


In this Module, you’ll learn a lot more about using digital marketing for the purpose of attracting patients to your dental practice. Yet this time, I’ll teach you how to implement a successful sales funnel system by utilizing the power of Facebook ads. When done correctly, this can be highly effective in boosting your business!

We’ll walk you through setting up the whole system while you’re actually watching this presentation. So, YOU will literally learn step-by-step how to setup a fully automated sales system that has the potential to continuously generate new business for your practice. When you follow this formula, results are practically guaranteed. Plus, with our guidance, it is something that you can painlessly do yourself.

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This Module is mainly about attracting patients, which is, of course, something that every dentist needs to do, whether your practice is old or new. SO, I’ll show you how to do this by leveraging the power of Facebook and building a sales funnel system. It’s what we call the Patient Attraction Formula. The first step to this involves creating an ad with an offer for your dental services, and that’s where we’ll begin.

Never underestimate the importance of an exciting offer! Not only do your ads have to feature something that people really want or require, but they must also represent real value for them. Basically, the better the deal, the bigger the response, which makes perfect sense! The key to marketing success is finding out what exactly works for your particular practice, and then you simply keep on doing it.

To start with, we’ll take an in-depth look at the 5 key elements of high-converting Ad Campaigns in Facebook. You will learn what they are, why they’re important, and how to address each one in detail.

  • Offer – what YOU are selling / special offer or discount
  • Copy – the written message / communicating your offer with words
  • Creative – the image or video for the ad
  • Ad Scent – from landing pages, to offers, to websites-everything must match
  • Targeting – selecting the ideal audience for your ads

I’ll also teach you 3 terrific tactics that can be critical to increasing your conversions, which is basically the bottom line in any business. Plus, you’ll get essential info on other vital things such as building your email list and retargeting, along with some semi-technical info on how to setup pixels, and much more…

Another category I’ll cover is budgeting for ads, because the costs can add up quite quickly when you’re not properly running your campaigns! Wasting money on ineffective marketing efforts can be rather discouraging, not to mention detrimental to your practice’s budget, but we can help ensure that you don’t experience this.

In a dental practice there’s a frontend and a backend. This sales system is based ultimately on backend results. The frontend is a patient’s initial transaction leading from one of your ad/discount offers, and the backend is when you eventually sell them some sort of high-level service. Simply put, the backend is where WE make most of our money, which is what makes this Module mandatory for all dentists.

You have already made a great decision by taking a closer look at our 7 Figure Dental Practice – Business Training Program. Now, it’s time to seriously consider taking the next step in order to discover your true potential and all the possibilities for your practice. This 68 minute Module is filled with indispensable marketing information, and our entire program will prove to be invaluable when you properly apply what you learn!