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Module #2 – NOTHING Happens Unless Your Patient Says YES!

Module #2 – NOTHING Happens Unless Your Patient Says YES!


Discover some simple yet highly effective secrets for selling your dental services.

In this insightful presentation, I’ll reveal 6 easy steps that you can take right away which will help make patients happily say YES to the dental work they need done.

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Are you having a difficult time with your dental practice?  Does it feel like you’re literally pulling teeth when trying to connect with patients and convincing them the work is necessary? If so, you’re certainly not alone!

As a dentist, it can definitely be difficult to obtain patients. This is often the reality regardless of where you’re located or how long you have been practicing dentistry. Unfortunately, it can be even harder to retain them in today’s highly competitive and sometimes oversaturated health market. Fortunately, there are several things you can do NOW to build your patient base and increase case conversions. And in this Module, I will share some of these things, which I like to call “WOW factors”.

For instance, providing a super-informative visit will surely make a positive impact and give your patients more reason to smile. This is true whether they’re new or established patients. Nowadays, it’s not only nice but also necessary to be up to par in the dental industry. When you are, it makes patients feel more comfortable and encourages them to give the go-ahead for the work you want to do.

Technology is constantly changing, and that is why you must evolve with the times or risk losing patients and eventually becoming obsolete. However, with the info I’m offering, you will survive AND thrive! Discover 6 of the most important factors for increasing your case conversions. Plus, this is something you can do without biting off more than you can chew financially.

Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the essential info I’ll go over in this Module:

  • Utilizing the latest tools in dental technology
  • Offering patients the most up-to-date options
  • Creating a relationship, value, and trust with your patients

So, whether you’re just starting out as a dentist or are simply searching for some ways to update, these powerful secrets will certainly be a HUGE help with selling your professional services.

Remember, you must be willing to make the investment in your patients when you expect the same from them. In other words, put your money where their mouth is. Even if your practice is already doing well, there is usually always room for improvement. In these must-have Modules, I get down to the root of many matters concerning dentists today. So, be sure to scope out this one along with the others, as they’re all filled with invaluable information to assist in your success!