Virtual Study Club Webinar with Ray, James and Yin from Las Vegas Esthetics

Professionals to Professionals: The Do’s of Managing a Smile Case – Las Vegas Esthetics One of the Premier Dental Laboratories, Leaders in Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry

  • Smile design and best practices
  • Learning and implementation of cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry
  • How to start diagnostic waxup
  • Best bite registration materials
  • What are the advantages of sending polyvinyl impressions as opposed to study models
  • Calling the lab for case discussions

About Ray, James and Yin from Las Vegas Esthetics





Ray Foster started his dental career in 1979 we he joined the USAF. There he was trained as an expanded duty dental assistant. Ray has worked in all aspects of Dentistry including Oral surgery, Endodontics, X-ray certified, Hygiene and even working the front office. After serving 4yrs in the USAF he sought a position in the dental laboratory field. His first duties were working in the model room and doing pickup and delivery. As Ray continued to learned he was promoted to department head of the indirect composite department where he excelled and even made the cover of PPAD. Shortly after he was made a partner in the company. Later he was given the opportunity to work with the well known Las Vegas Institute. This lead to the beginning of Las Vegas Esthetics Dental Lab. Participating in the courses at LVI Ray had the good fortune to work with many of the industry key opinion leaders. He participated for 12 years in all live patient courses at LVI. Ray has attended hundreds of hours in CE course sponsored by many of the major companies in this industry and continues to stay on top of the latest technology and trends of our industry.

James Dodge started working in the dental lab industry 1989, delivering cases to several Dental offices. For the next 10 years he worked his way up, until he felt comfortable to open his own laboratory in 1999. After several years of running his own lab, he partnered with Ray Foster at Las Vegas Esthetics. This gave James exposure to more training, as he was able to attend most of the dental lab courses offered at LVI. Over the years, James helped with many of the live-patient courses that Las Vegas Esthetics participated in. He continues to train with technicians around the country, and is always hoping to serve those around him.

Yin Garcia has work for Las Vegas esthetics for over 15 years, He has attended and completed the LVI master ceramist course, he is an expert in the various porcelain materials available in the field.  As a master ceramist Yin yang  has attended and participated in many implant courses and he is very well versed and knowledgeable In a large array of implant parts and procedures, giving him the expertise to assist and help in any implant case necessary.
Over his career, he has attended a large variety courses. He has presented and help teach others the many different facets of dental lab techniques and materials. He very well versed in Digital technology, with emphasis in CEREC. His love and dedication to dental lab technology is, and will continue to be his pride and joy.

Since Las Vegas Esthetics’ founding in 1997, the cornerstone of our philosophy – to consistently provide excellent products and service – has remained in place. Guided by this philosophy, we develop superior, high-end products for our clients every day.

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