Not sure you want to jump into the 7 Figure Dental Practice protocol? Think you want to make a go of it yourself? We can still help, with these handy dental practice growth tools that can help you get a good start on improving your practice on your own.

Introduction Webinar

When Dr. Safarian released “My Secret 7 Figure Formula That Took Me From A Struggling Dentist To A Successful Practice Owner . . .” it became an instant sensation. Now see for yourself why it was so well received.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to stay dynamic in a changing dental market
  • Get your patients to say YES to treatment plans
  • Accelerate referrals for more business from less marketing
  • Implement the proven 7 Figure Dental Practice system
  • Cut your expenses 60-70% to get an immediate boost in your income

The webinar is 90 minutes, and it tells you how to transform your practice in 90 days!


Here you’ll find mini webinars, whiteboards, videos and dental practice growth tools focused on specific problems you might face in your dental practice. These are simple, easy-to-apply solutions that can make a big difference for your bottom line.

Budgeting your Business - Dental Practice Growth Tools

Module #1 – Budgeting Your Dental Business

Module #2 – NOTHING Happens Unless Your Patient Says YES!

Module #3 – Business Leadership and Management

Module #4 – Marketing Your Business

Private Group Practice - Dental Practice Growth Tools

Module #5 – Private Group Practice

Leadership and Attitude - Dental Practice Growth Tools

Module #6 – Leadership and Attitude

Patient Attraction Formula - Dental Practice Growth Tools

Module #7 – The Patient Attraction Formula


It’s hard to communicate some of the details of the 7 Figure Dental Practice in writing, but Dr. Safarian never shied away from a task because of the challenge. He’s produced four books that can help you turn around your practice–as well as help you understand why you want to.

Mobile Apps

The mobile era is upon us and desktop usage of the Internet to browse websites and find necessary sources of information and contacts are changing. For a medical professional with a small or medium sized business this reality is also affecting marketing and communication platforms. It’s happening now, and it’s very likely to continue affecting all businesses, in the medical sector and beyond, in the coming decades.

Million Dollar Idea - Dental Practice Growth Tools

The Million Dollar Idea

Dr. Safarian explains his personal marketing strategy, and how it has helped him dramatically expand production in his dental office. It’s a no-risk marketing strategy that costs you nothing and is easy to implement. Sound impossible? Dr. Safarian is living proof that it works.

Build Your Online Reputation - Dental Practice Growth Tools

How to Build Your Online Reputation

Your reputation online can be more valuable to you than any asset in your physical office. But it can be tricky to manage, with blogging, social media, and online review sites moving constantly and always multiplying. This concise and practical guide walks you through your online marketing options and how they can help you improve your online reputation to increase your revenue from your Internet marketing dollars.

Nine secrets - Dental Practice Growth Tools

Nine Secrets to Small Business Success

A dental office is a business. It’s time to start running it that way. This volume builds from Dr. Safarian’s personal experience to help you learn how to transform your business into your idea of long-term success. It takes time, perseverance, and real soul searching, but the rewards are well worth it.

Proven Profit Campaign - Dental Practice Growth Tools

The Proven Profit Machine

How do you create, implement, and benefit from a truly brilliant marketing move? Dr. Safarian reveals his magical marketing combination of goodwill, community involvement, and outreach that has brought repeated success to him and his practice. The Proven Profit Machine lays out the steps to replicating this same process in your practice.

Let Us Guide You

Not sure how to use these tools to achieve the success you’re looking for? That’s what we’re here for. Contact Dr. Safarian today to learn how his consultation can turn your dental practice around.