Dr. Shahin Safarian recently posted a “Patient’s Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry” webinar on YouTube. While this guide is focused on helping patients choose the best cosmetic dentist, it also includes insights for dentists who can learn how to differentiate themselves and attract discriminating patients to their practice. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from the webinar that can help you improve your practice’s appeal and bring in more patients looking for cosmetic dentistry. 

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Get the Training You Need

Technically, any dentist can advertise themselves as a cosmetic dentist, because there’s no recognized dental specialty in this area. Even the best-trained cosmetic dentist will likely need to put up a disclaimer related to this fact based on the guidelines of their local dental organization. However, when patients are trying to decide which dentist they want to do their cosmetic work, they will look at your training, and they want to see that you’ve received focused training in this area. 

Plus, you don’t want to do procedures you’re not comfortable with and can’t do successfully. Doing poor work will kill your chances of becoming a successful cosmetic dentist. 

Take Pictures!

What’s the point of doing great cosmetic dentistry if nobody can see it? An individual patient showing off their smile and telling their friends can generate word-of-mouth business, but pictures of your work on the website can reach many more people and bring in a lot more business. 

Potential patients coming to your site will reject you if they don’t see any before-and-after images, or if they only see low-quality ones. Talk to your patients about using their images and secure their permission early. 

If you can’t take good pictures and don’t have anybody in the office who can, either, arrange for professional pictures to be taken. This isn’t a bad idea, anyway–it helps make cosmetic dentistry into an experience and makes patients feel better about the work. 

Manage Reviews

These days, most people make decisions about their dentist online, and reviews are critical to their process. If you don’t have reviews or if your reviews are bad, you’re not going to attract the patients you want. 

Managing reviews is part encouraging happy patients to write reviews and part dealing with unhappy patients who wrote bad reviews. Cultivate relationships with patients whenever possible. Always be civil and conciliatory when responding to reviews in public. It’s a good idea to work with a marketing partner who can help you with the process of managing reviews. 

Distinguish Yourself

Corporate dentists are taking over dentistry in part because they can advertise and they can keep costs down. If you want people to choose you over the practice they heard about on the radio that is offering a special price, you need to offer them a special service or experience. 

You own the practice and the quality of dentistry matters to you. You care about your patients. Make sure all this comes through when patients visit your office. 

Work with a Quality Dental Lab

Again, patients don’t want to pay more for the same thing they get at a corporate dental office. One way you can make sure you’re offering something special is by working with a high-quality dental lab. You know that dental labs matter, and while you might be tempted to cut costs by working with a low-price lab, remember that you’ll never win a race to the bottom with a corporate dental office. 

Transform Your Practice

If you are looking to transform your practice from a general dentistry patient mill into something more special for patients and for you, we can help. Dr. Shahin Safarian knows how to make a dental practice more satisfying for you and for patients, all while making it more profitable. Please call (858) 349-7996 today for an appointment with dental business consultant Dr. Safarian at 7 Figure Dental.