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2019 Webinars and Focus Topic Sessions

7 Figure Dental Practice collaborates with proven business mentors and service providers to bring you in depth conversations on the biggest challenges facing today’s dental entrepreneurs. Our online seminars cover topics ranging from marketing to finance and operations. Our partners are people we work with in our own practices and have already successfully employed with our client engagements. Our mentors have joined us because they share our mission of helping entrepreneurs grow their business for the betterment of their owners, teams and communities.

Everyone wants to be successful, and often, success can be had by emulating the best practices and tactics employed by the best practices. We know these practices and work with you to adopt them.

Jonathan Karren - 2019 Dental Webinars

Simplified and Unified communication solution for dental practices – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Jonathan Karren from Mango Voice

September 13th 2019

Online webinar with Jonathan Karren from Mango Voice

Mango Voice is an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system based in the cloud. Cost Effective: Cut your phone bill in half and utilize time-saving features to make your business run better. Switching to an internet phone cuts out the middlemen and saves you money. With low monthly rates and no hidden cost pricing you can count on. Unlimited Features: Call forwarding, auto responders, conference calling, auto attendant, fax to email, music on hold, Android and iOS app, just to name a few. Up and Running Tomorrow: When a business needs a better phone system FAST, they come to us. We can get your new plan going as soon as the next day! Eliminate downtime with Mango Voice.

Chris Phelps - 2019 dental webinars

The Ultimate New Patient Solution – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Dr. Chris Phelps from Golden Goose Scheduling

August 9th 2019

Online webinar with Dr. Chris Phelps – Owner of Golden Goose Scheduling

Discussion and extended marketing tactics about new dental patients. The Call Tracker ROI program he developed played a major role: decreasing missed calls by 90% and increasing team conversions of new patient appointments over the telephone from 24% to over 86% which helped increase his new patient numbers from 60/month to averaging over 300/month; all the while decreasing his marketing expenses by 74%. In 2016 he launched Golden Goose Scheduling to help practices answer and schedule more new patient calls so they didn’t have to pay more in marketing money to get them.

Chris writes frequently for industry publications such as Dental Economics, Dental Practice Management, Dental Products Report, Dentistry IQ ad Remin Media. He is the author of “Grown Your Dental Membership Plan” and also published a CE article in Contemporary Esthetics Magazine. Chris was awarded the Doctor’s Choice National Dental Award in 2016 (from 6,000 nominated dentists). Additionally, he was chosen for the 2016 Doctor’s Choice Top 100, due to a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.

Melissa Carlson - 2019 Dental Webinars

Patient engagement, new leads and patient relationships – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Melissa Carlson from Legwork

June 28th – 2019

Online webinar with Melissa Carlson – Brand Ambassador at Legwork PRM

We talk about Legworks great tools and services all focused on the patient experience, weather it’s new leads or converting them into patients, festering deep and meaningful relationships with existing patients and determining how your patients feel about you. We dive deep into Legwork’s tools and services.

Legwork is an all-in-one patient engagement software built from the ground up for dental practices. Our PRM software and website platform seamlessly integrate with your dental practice management software, working alongside you and your patient throughout their entire customer journey.

From the moment a visitor arrives at your website, Legwork helps nurture leads to book an appointment. And once patients visit your practice, Legwork empowers you to deliver an amazing patient experience, so you can create loyal referring fans for your practice–for life!

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran - 2019 dental webinars

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran 1157: Dr. Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA, Irresistible Smiles, 7 Figure Dental Practice

March 17th – 2019

Online podcast with Howard Farran, Dentistry Uncensored.

In three words Dr. Safarian is hard working, persistent and a lifelong learner. He lived in the San Diego area for nearly 30 years when he started 3 dental practices from scratch. Since graduating for Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston 2001, Dr. Safarian has taken many continuing education courses, receiving training in cosmetic dentistry, TMJ and orthodontic treatments.

Running his own practices has taught him a great deal about customer service and marketing, and his inspiring success prompted him to start 7 Figure Dental Practice in order to assist other dental practitioners in achieving their own business dreams. Dr. Safarian believes success is not something you can just have in a blink of an eye. It requires hard work, consistency, self-belief, self discipline, accountability, and determination.

2018 Webinars and Focus Topic Sessions

Chris Laubenstein - 2018 dental webinars

The Most Effective Marketing Strategies in 2018 to Attract Quality ClearCorrect Patients – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Chris Laubenstein from Gustin Quon

December 7th – 2018

Online webinar with Chris Laubenstein, Sales Director at Gustin Quon – Digital Growth Agency. He is often the first person you will meet when working with GQ, he has a pension for customer service and helping his client over-achieve their goals. Chris has helped build GQ from the ground up encouraging those in his department to connect with their clients on a personal level and provide tailored solutions. When Chris is not focusing on delivering a profitable bottom line to clients, you will find him slicing on the golf course or playing hockey with friends.

Gustin Quon a company devoted to internet marketing excellence; working with like-minded, inspired enterprises who share common goals of profitability and growth. Our brand is defined by our clients’ success. Our vision is to be the leading, global brand of internet marketing, with both our enterprise level and small business clients’ achieving exponential success because of our relationship.
We help you succeed through bold, innovative actions and a passion for internet marketing. Discussion and webinar topics include:

  • How to attract dozen’s of interested ClearCorrect potential patients to your clinic
  • How to increase ClearCorrect patient conversion by up to 43%
  • How to access a free 30 day marketing trial for your clinic
  • Inside winning marketing campaigns in 2018
  • One time opportunity to get 35% off of $1495 unlimited cases from ClearCorrect Potential savings of close to $2500
Paul Kleen - 2018 dental webinars

How To Win New Patients With Search Ads – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Paul Kleen from WeAdvertiseYourBusiness.com

October 26th – 2018

Online webinar with Paul Kleen, a marketing & advertising expert. Energetic and competent individual! Takes pride in finding solutions directly or indirectly for his clients. Possesses that creative element to find the right opportunity to match the need. We advertise your business online for as low as $250/mo. No scary contracts, no annual commitments, no minimum spend required. Build a campaign, optimize it, lead tracking, ROI on each new patient. Discussion and webinar topics include:

  • Initial campaign build
  • Early campaign volatility
  • Gut check and building stamina
  • Early wins and identifying success
  • Achieving stability
  • Scaling with success
Curtis Marshall - 2018 dental webinars

New Patients Are The Worst – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Curtis Marshall from Dental Intelligence

October 12th – 2018

Online webinar, Curtis Marshall – VP of Customer Success from Dental Intelligence. Dental Intelligence is the leading online software to help dental practice grow. Curtis Marshall aka The Naked Dentist, reveals why 1000’s of doctors say that New Patients are the worst. Discussion and webinar topics include:

  • Practice Data Analysis
  • Measuring Performance
  • Finding Opportunities
  • Generating Call Lists
  • Improving Patient Care
  • Increase Practice Profitability
Kevin Ohlendorf - 2018 dental webinars

How Can You Profit With Orthodontics – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Ohlendorf Appliance Labs

September 7th – 2018

Online webinar, Kevin Ohlendorf – President & Owner from Ohlendorf Appliance Labs. Since 1933, Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory has been a dental industry leader, providing the industry’s best appliances and complete case solutions. Discussion and webinar topics include:

  • How can a GP profit from Orthodontics
  • What is more profitable traditional Orthodontics or Clear Aligner treatment
  • How can team members help increase profitability
  • Is treating adults more or less profitable than treating kids
  • What are the main challenges for GP’s to start Orthodontic treatment in their practice
  • What is the average cost breakdown for doing Orthodontics in your practice

Professionals to Professionals: The Do’s of Managing a Smile Case – Virtual Study Club Webinar with Ray Foster from Las Vegas Esthetics

Online seminar, Ray Foster – President/CEO from Las Vegas Esthetics. One of the Premier Dental Laboratories, Leaders in Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry. Discussion and webinar topics include:

  • Smile design and best practices
  • Learning and implementation of cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry
  • How to start diagnostic waxup
  • Best bite registration materials
  • What are the advantages of sending polyvinyl impressions as opposed to study models
  • Calling the lab for case discussions

Patient Relations and Leads for Dental Practices with ApexChat – Virtual Study Club Webinar with David and Kenneth from ApexChat

In this online seminar, David Scheppler – Sr. Live Chat Product Specialist and Kenneth Lee – growth marketer with over 8 years of digital marketing experience, discuss Live Chat Software and Chat Agents that Help Online Businesses Turn Valuable Advertising Clicks Into Patients. Discussion and webinar topics include:

  • Increased website engagement: Connect with website visitors that can’t talk on the phone
  • Fully Customizable, Mobile Optimized 24/7 Live Chat Coverage
  • You Don’t Need to Hire Live Chat Agents: Pay For Performance Pricing
  • Get 40%+ more leads from your website
  • SMS Text-to-Chat

Digital Growth for Dental Practices with SEO Patience, Strategy, Marketing and Branding – Virtual Study Club Session with Kyle, David and Chris from Gustin Quon

In this online seminar, the leadership team of Gustin Quon takes us through their contemporary, best practices approach to online marketing and SEO. Gustion Quon is devoted to Internet marketing excellence; working with like-minded, inspired enterprises who share common goals of profitability and growth.Topics include:

  • Developing a long term SEO strategy
  • Techniques for improving SEO in the current, competitive World Wide Web
  • The connection between reviews, branding, and SEO
  • Content marketing with citations, link building, and relevant original content
  • Increasing the ROI from all traffic channels – paid advertising, social, display, retargeting, billboards

Improving Patient Access in the New Era of Dentistry – Virtual Study Club Session with Amber Day from Solution Reach

In this online seminar, Amber Day with Solution Reach discusses tools and methods for improving patient relationships and optimizes the patient experience. By delivering the right message, to the right patient, at the right time, you make every patient the only patient. Amber helps physicians of all kinds not only improve office efficiency, but also profitability. Topics include:

  • Improving patient access
  • Better communication
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Developing good relationships with patients
  • Patients good experience

Financing Dental Practice Growth: Practice Acquisitions, Expansion, Refinance and Financial Best Practices – Virtual Study Club Session with Brandon Finazzo – VP Wells Fargo Practice Finance

In this online seminar, Brandon Finazzo Vice President, Business Development Manager for Wells Fargo Practice Finance in the Southern Los Angeles, Orange County and Arizona. In addition to his expertise in the dental, veterinary and medical fields, he advises doctors on a variety of more specific financial matters including credit management, practice acquisitions, start-up projects, practice expansions, business refinance, understanding credit, and practice equity loans. Brandon brings over 10 years of experience working with healthcare professionals.

  • Managing credit
  • Financing new practices
  • Effective financial management